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Dreams & Diamonds

Born and raised in a family of diamond wholesalers from Antwerp. Grew up in Valenza (Italy), the world capital of high-end jewellery. As a graduate gemologist and jewellery designer from GIA, combined with working experience that started in 2000, I have got the skills and degrees to make Appraisals, gemological evaluations, Jewelery Designs on new- and existing pieces.

This broad experience in the jewelry industry allows me to supply the best jewellery craftmanship at wholesale prices, without intermediate costs.

Dreams & Diamonds is één van de deelnemende handelaars waar je jouw Cadeaubon Cadeaubon Antwerpen kan gebruiken.
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schupstraat 9
2018 Antwerpen
Tel: 0499 83 93 15
Website: http://www.dreamsanddiamonds.com/