The natural taste of Japan: okonomiyaki and more, with a healthy organic twist.



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Okonomiyaki? OKOZ is our western version of a traditional Japanese dish called okonomiyaki. We have slightly customized it to suit our European taste pallet and gave it a healthy twist.

The basis of OKOZ dishes is a mix of energetic, organic vegetables; gently baked on our teppanyaki, topped with our own OKOZ sauce, decorated with a touch of soy mayonnaise and seasoned with a crumble of Japanese spices. You can personalize your dish with your choice of proteins or purely vegetarian it is up to you. We have several toppings that add an extra dimension to this fantastic dish.


Healthy food is one of our companies cornerstones. We want to prove that fast casual dining (aka a fast bite) can be healthy without compromising on the taste. Back to the origin, back to pure, wholesome food with a touch of comfort. Well & Good.

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We carefully source our organic foods and drinks to offer you a pure, wholesome range. We also focus on sustainability and locally sourced ingredients. We softly change with the seasons and gladly adapt to the current availability to reduce our food’s footprint. Cooking and eating seasonally also keeps our prices affordable for you as a customer.


Fusion: East meets West. This will always bring creative, adventurous food with exceptional flavors. OKOZ is no exception! Our OKOZ is a fusion of the European taste palette mixed with the excellent Japanese umami tastes and aromas. The flirting between 2 different cuisines will bring you a unique and entirely new experience!


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