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Rombachs Glas

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Rombachs Glass produces functional objects and sculptural projects from a durable eco-friendly perspective.

Lamps, decanters, vases and bowls are all handmade in the Atelier of Rombachs. The source materials are bottles and throwaway glass. Rombachs glass designs and makes all these products from an environmental sustainable point of view. Each product is made to playful and slightly different, making each piece unique in it’s own right.

Do you have a bottle that holds a specific memory? Let us know, and we will transform it for you!

Rombachs Glas is één van de deelnemende handelaars waar je jouw Cadeaubon Cadeaubon Antwerpen kan gebruiken.
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Frieslandstraat 23
2660 Hoboken
Tel: 0486 959 654