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Long ago I dreamt I was in my garden when a tiny purple butterfly whispered something in my ear. This inspired me to open my shop Kupuku ("my butterfly"), the cutest store in all of Antwerp full of the most irresistable Japanese goodies.

My shop is a land of happy sunshine where each item shows a different part of my personality. That is why I love seeing the amazed looks of people passing by my shop, or of the customers that don't know where to look first when entering. It inspires me to always help you with a smile and become your BSF (Best Shop Forever)!

As one of the only bento artists in Belgium I also teach workshops on how to make a supercute lunch box for yourself or your family. So join me and let's play with food together!

xoxo Silvia

Ontdek hier het gezicht achter Kupuku.


Driekoningenstraat 33
2600 Antwerpen
Tel: 03 281 87 04
Website: https://www.kupuku.be